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Auto-enrolment management and administration

Good administration is fundamental to the smooth running of any pension scheme.

For auto-enrolment, excellent administration is also imperative if you are to ensure you comply with all aspects of the legislation. Many auto-enrolment requirements are quite technical and it is easy for errors to be made, deadlines to be missed or tasks to fall down the gaps.

The BBS fully outsourced auto-enrolment administration service has been designed to ensure full compliance, at minimum cost and effort. We tailor our service to integrate with your existing HR and payroll processes, streamlining the implementation and ongoing management of automatic enrolment in your business. Our expert service is then underpinned by 4mystaff; our bespoke technology, developed specifically to help employers manage auto-enrolment.

If you are yet to reach your staging date, or just want a reminder of your employer obligations under auto-enrolment, the video below covers the essentials in under 4 minutes:

With such extensive administration requirements, you need to be sure your systems and processes can cope. BBS has produced an auto-enrolment administration checklist providing an overview of the tasks involved and confirming which of these tasks are covered by BBS's auto-enrolment administration service.

Specialist auto-enrolment software, 4mystaff

To help our clients effectively manage auto-enrolment, BBS developed our own specialist software, 4mystaff.

By continuously assessing your payroll and pension scheme membership data, 4mystaff identifies any actions needed to ensure you remain compliant. We then undertake these actions on your behalf, getting it right first time, on time, every time.

After setup, the only action required by the employer is to send us details of new employees and leavers when appropriate, and payroll data each time the payroll is run. To make this as easy as possible, 4mystaff includes a secure online client access portal, with secure file transfer facility.

4mystaff allows employers to upload details of their current payroll run and then immediately download an extract which will show who has been enrolled into a pension scheme and the applicable contributions. They are then able to use this data to complete the payroll run with the correct pension contributions applied. All of the other auto-enrolment administration tasks will be taken care of by BBS.

Watch the video to see how 4mystaff can help you manage your auto-enrolment obligations:

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