BBS Investment Competition

We are now into the second month of our Investment Competition, and the markets are continuing to be as volatile and unpredictable as ever!

This month saw a rise in trade tensions between the US and the rest of the world, with Mexico and India the latest to be in the US President’s Twitter firing line. This led to a sell-off in all equity markets, as well as economically sensitive commodities such as oil and copper, which lost value as fears over a slowing global economy increased.

In particular, equities in the technology sector suffered large losses, falling 16%, with investors concerned that a US-China trade war and increased government scrutiny will hurt the revenues of those companies.

However, not all assets had bad returns over May, with the more protective asset classes performing well. All bonds, gold and the US dollar were up over the month.

The contrasting performance from last month has thrown the momentum towards the more cautious investors, with Peter Blackett leading with a fund value of £1,026,225.

Already we have had a rocky ride for all asset classes, and just like the Conservative leadership candidates, picking a winner to see us through to the end of the year could prove challenging.

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