BBS Investment Competition

After a month of exciting sport, we can now return our attention to the political landscape, and more importantly, the BBS investment competition.

With the ever fluctuating political back-drop, June saw a cooling in trade tensions between the US and China, and central banks hinting that they are willing to use interest rates to support markets. With these announcements, the markets responded favourably with equities up across the board, and yields pushed further down, resulting in bonds returning strong figures as well.

In particular, the technology sector bounced back from its dismal May, gaining 8.4%, after the trade tensions in May abated. However, with no clear resolution in sight, the sector is still down over the year. Oil also rebounded from a poor May, returning 8.8%, following more upbeat messages about the world economy and concerns over the supply with Iran being increasingly aggressive in the Strait of Hormuz. Elsewhere, Gold and US equities returned 8.6% and 7.0% respectively.

However, not all assets had positive returns over June, with the US dollar (in Sterling terms) and UK index-linked gilts producing marginal negative returns.

The contrasting performance from last month has meant geographical selection has been key, with no clear advantage to risky or ‘safe’ assets. At the end of the month the current leader is Peter Barnard with fund a value of £1,058,575.00.

With the heat of summer now starting to kick in, will we see investors get hot under the collar with a new prime minister and their appointed cabinet?

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