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As well as representing a significant financial commitment from the sponsoring employer, a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme can also have a huge impact on a company’s balance sheet. At BBS, our consulting actuaries understand the challenges facing your business, as well as your pension scheme. Our actuarial services for employers include pension accounting disclosures for company accounts, advice on scheme funding and liability reduction, actuarial modelling and advice on sales, purchases, mergers and acquisitions.

Clear, concise recommendations

We know it is essential that we communicate complex issues in a clear and simple way. When providing recommendations, we make extensive use of graphics to illustrate concepts and market trends, and give clear advice on the most suitable course of action to be taken.

Value-adding technology

Our bespoke valuation modeller enables you to test funding scenarios and investigate how changes in your investment strategy would impact valuation results - without the need for costly additional meetings.

Funding and performance monitoring

To help you keep track of your scheme's funding on an ongoing basis, we developed 4myfunding. Updated daily, 4myfunding shows the movements of your assets and liabilities in line with current financial conditions.

Service features

Company accounting disclosures

We have considerable experience and expertise in undertaking the necessary calculations and advising companies on their pension accounting disclosures.

Scheme funding advice

Our clear advice and modelling tools help you understand the factors that affect your scheme’s funding position in a simple and cost-effective way.

Track your scheme funding

4myfunding is a powerful scheme monitoring tool that enables you to track your funding on a daily basis, enabling better balance sheet understanding and management.

Risk/benefit analysis

Expert analysis and clear, practical advice to help you manage risk in your pension scheme.

Professional advice

Our experienced consulting actuaries can provide the necessary pension scheme advice in relation to acquisitions, mergers and business reconstructions.

QAS accredited

BBS was one of the first firms to receive accreditation under the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS).

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