Workplace pension consultancy

No two workplace pension schemes are quite the same, so our consultancy services vary depending on your needs. However, our priority is always to ensure that you are operating at the top end of ‘best practice’; in a way that is consistent with the size and complexity of your pension arrangements. Our proactive consultants ensure we have a full understanding of your specific circumstances, then provide clear, practical advice on the best approach for your scheme.

Pension scheme governance

The governance of workplace pension schemes has been a hot topic for the Pensions Regulator for a while now. Their focus on the governance of defined contribution (DC) pension schemes in particular keeps getting stronger. BBS can help you develop and maintain a governance solution, tailored to your particular scheme and circumstances.

Salary exchange

Using salary exchange (or ‘salary sacrifice’) for pension contributions can deliver significant savings for both you and your members. BBS can advise on whether salary exchange is suitable for your business, assist you with implementation and provide effective employee communications to help maximise savings.

Member communications

To make sure your business gets the most value from your pension scheme, effective employee communications are essential. BBS can help you develop and deliver an appropriate communications strategy, to help you achieve a return on investment for your pension spend.

Service features

Design and implementation

Helping you ensure your workplace pension scheme is right for your members, and implemented seamlessly.

Regulatory compliance and governance

Ensuring you are compliant with all relevant pensions legislation and benefiting from effective governance.

Scheme wind-ups

We can help you ensure your scheme wind-up is managed effectively, using our tried-and-tested approach.


Whether you're changing from a final salary to career average (CARE) basis, or from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution, we can help you ensure the transition runs smoothly and provide any member communications required.

Pensions education

Pensions can be complicated, so we provide a range of educational services to help you and your members understand the pertinent issues.

Clear, practical advice

To maintain our exceptionally high-quality standards, all material advice is peer reviewed for both accuracy and clarity.

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