4myplan is the secure member portal from BBS, giving you the ability to easily access information on your pension benefits whenever it suits you.

Real time information

4myplan is fully integrated with our internal systems, with records updated daily. So you can always view the most up-to-date information about your pension scheme.

Market-beating administration standards

Our typical turnaround time for most core administration functions is less than three working days – well under half the industry ‘standard’. By dealing with all work items immediately, we don't waste time managing a backlog, so your requests can always be handled quickly and efficiently.

Direct, timely contact

With no off-site call centres or push-button menu systems, you can always speak to a real person, who is familiar with the specific details of your scheme.

Service features

View your latest pension fund value

If you’re a member of a defined contribution (DC) pension scheme, you can view the latest value of your pension pot – updated every business day.

See your contribution history

View a complete history of all contributions you and your employer have made into your DC pension pot.

Manage your investment choices

View and update the funds your DC pension pot is invested in, and access information on the investments available in your scheme.

Make payment requests

If you are aged 55+ and taking withdrawals directly from your DC pension pot, you can request regular and/or ad-hoc payments via 4myplan.

DB retirement options

If you’re a member of a defined benefit (DB) pension scheme, you can review your retirement options, along with estimates of the impact early or late retirement would have on your pension.

Your contributions

Review the contributions you make to your DB pension scheme.

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