Pension scheme investment advice

BBS provides strategic investment advice to pension scheme trustees in relation to both defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) arrangements. Our approach is to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs whilst avoiding unnecessary complexity. Crucially, we always ensure that we explain the issues clearly so that you understand the reasons for our recommendations.

Clear and concise

When providing recommendations, we make extensive use of graphics to illustrate concepts and market trends, and give clear advice on the most suitable course of action to be taken.


A simple online tool to track your scheme funding position. 4myfunding shows the movements of assets and liabilities in line with current conditions, enabling you to see directly how market movements have impacted your scheme, with alerts at agreed trigger points.

Meeting your needs

We ensure our recommended route is appropriate for your circumstances and objectives, striking the right balance between achieving growth and mitigating risk.

Service features

Investment manager advice

Helping you choose and monitor investments and managers for your scheme, arranging tenders and ‘beauty parades’ as appropriate.

Trigger-based strategies

Our investment actuaries can advise on and develop trigger-based de-risking strategies for your defined benefit (DB) scheme.

DC default funds

We can help you ensure your defined contribution (DC) scheme default fund is appropriate for your members – including designing bespoke default investment strategies.

Funding & performance monitoring

4myfunding is a simple online tool to help you monitor your DB scheme’s investment performance and funding position.

Fiduciary manager selection

Independent expertise and tender management to ensure your fiduciary management service provides good value for money.

Fiduciary manager oversight

Ongoing independent oversight and benchmarking services to ensure transparency, suitability and value.

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