Pension administration

Get it right, first time, on time, every time. That’s our philosophy. Meeting and exceeding your members’ expectations sits at the heart of our pension scheme administration services. We pride ourselves on our industry-leading service standards, fully integrated technology and transparent fee structure. All delivered with a friendly, personal approach.

A firm commitment to quality

Our systems, processes and technology are all designed to ensure we deliver the best possible client service. This includes our quality management system, which meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and has received certification under this internationally recognised standard.

Market-leading turnaround times

Our careful adherence to service standards means that nearly 99% of work is completed within five working days of receipt, with an average response time of just under three working days.

Effective, integrated technology

Our bespoke administration platform has been designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients, and is fully integrated with our other systems - including our secure client-access website, 4myscheme, and member-access website, 4myplan.

Direct, timely contact

With no off-site call centres or push-button menu systems, you and your members can always speak to a real person, who is familiar with the specific details of your scheme.

In-depth management information (MI)

Our workflow system not only tracks work in progress and measures our delivery against agreed targets, it also allows us to quickly produce in-depth trustee reports detailing all of our key performance indicators.

Service features

Continuous mortality screening

We provide ongoing monitoring of both deferred and pensioner members, to ensure your records are kept up to date and any deaths are handled appropriately. View our CMS factsheet.

Regular member feedback

We continually seek feedback directly from members on how we’re doing, and the results are available to you at all times through our regular stewardship reports and 4myscheme.

Scheme documents library

4myscheme includes a full electronic library of all your scheme documents, organised to enable you to easily access what you need, wherever you are.  

Accounts and treasury services

Our experienced accounts team not only run the trustees’ bank account and manage cashflow, we also draft your Annual Report and Accounts and make all tax and online HMRC returns.

Pensions payroll

We operate a fully integrated payroll system (designed by our own specialist team), giving you peace of mind that your pensioner members are being paid accurately and on time.

Scheme Annual Report

Our experienced accounts drafters are responsible for drafting, and arranging the audit of, over 100 Scheme Annual Accounts.

Online member access

To help members understand and value the pension benefits you provide for them, we created our secure online member portal, 4myplan.

Online client access

You can always access the latest information on your scheme, and directly track our work in progress, through 4myscheme - our secure client-access portal. 

Transition management

Changing scheme or administrators can seem a daunting task - our robust processes and transparent project management tools ensure a smooth and painless transition.

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