Actuarial services for pension trustees

The role of a pension scheme trustee has changed dramatically over recent years and pressure from the Pensions Regulator means responsibilities continue to increase. At BBS, our actuarial services focus on enabling you to make better-informed decisions, ultimately saving you time and money.

The actuarial valuation

The actuarial valuation is a key part of the Scheme Actuary role. Our proactivity throughout the process minimises the overall time it takes to carry out this essential work. As standard, initial valuation results are provided within one month of receiving data from the administrators. 

Value-adding technology

Our bespoke valuation modeller enables you to test funding scenarios and investigate how changes in your investment strategy would impact valuation results - without the need for costly additional meetings.

A joined-up approach

Whether we are providing actuarial services only or working on a full services appointment, we believe that a joined-up approach to actuarial and investment advice enables you to make better-informed decisions.

Ongoing monitoring

To help you keep track of your scheme's funding on an ongoing basis, we developed 4myfunding. Updated daily, 4myfunding shows the movements of your assets and liabilities in line with current financial conditions.

Service features

Scheme Actuary services

We break the actuarial valuation down into four key areas and our proactivity ensures maximum efficiency. So you benefit from accurate valuation results with no hiccups or delays.

Annual funding updates

We provide annual funding updates shortly after the effective date - or within two weeks of the audited accounts being available, if preferred.

Scheme funding advice

Our modelling tools help you understand the factors that affect your scheme’s funding position in a simple and cost-effective way.

Formal certifications

We provide all formal Scheme Actuary certifications, such as funding statements and contribution schedules, promptly and accurately.

Cash-flow and asset/liability modelling

4myfunding is a powerful scheme monitoring tool that enables you to track your funding on a daily basis. 

QAS accredited

BBS was one of the first firms to receive accreditation under the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries’ Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS).

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